Pioneer Penny Virtual Assistant FAQs

Q: Why is Pioneer adding an automated telephone "virtual assistant"?
A: Pioneer wants to better assist members outside of normal business hours, helping provide access to more information and capabilities via the telephone. Members will no longer have to wait for a live person during regular business hours to receive answers to the most common questions they have or to conduct internal banking transactions. Pioneer Penny will be available 24/7/365.

Q: Will Pioneer Penny replace the current telephone automated system? If so, will I need to sign up again if not already using the system?
A: Yes, Pioneer Penny will replace the current telephone automated system, "Audie". Members who currently use Audie will automatically be able to use the new Pioneer Penny telephone virtual assistant. If a member is not already using Audie and wants to conduct internal banking transactions and inquiries, they will be prompted to sign up via the Pioneer Penny virtual assistant.

Q: So, will Pioneer Penny be answering the telephone when I call Pioneer?
A: Yes, Pioneer Penny will be the first to answer telephone calls instead of a live person.

Q: What types of things can Pioneer Penny help members accomplish/answer?
A: Members will be able to perform automated services, such as check balances, request routing number, conduct internal transfers, and report a lost card. Pioneer Penny will also be able to help members get answers to frequently asked questions and be routed to the proper queue based upon topic.

Q: What if a member does not get the answer they need or seek?
A: Members will be offered a live person to speak with during regular business hours.

Q: How does Pioneer Penny change the role of a call center representative?
A: Pioneer Penny is the first point of contact, providing a quick and easy way for members to receive information or conduct a banking transaction. This process allows for members who need a call center representative to be transferred to one with minimal wait time. In addition, the call center representative can spend time being more consultative, providing more time for member engagement.